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Utility survey in sociology is to distribute questionnaires to respondents with questions asking for their fulfillment.

There are various techniques such as surveys are the postal survey, the survey auditorium, less precise, often used by people not engaged in survey research are press releases.

Poll unlike the questionnaire is anonymous and includes questions closed or semi-open.Typically, however, is used primarily in quantitative methods.

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Types of surveys:









Name poll is ambiguous. This term is used in sociology to define a research tool, which usually fills the same test or on behalf of the so-called. “Interviewer.” The importance it puts the focus on the way, the entire process of collecting materials. In another sense is defined as a questionnaire survey, the form of a set of questions to be considered, for which he provides a written response. LA Gruszczyński suggested the term “technology survey” in the manner of sociological data collection and use of the term “questionnaire survey” to determine the research tool used in art history.

There are many criteria to extract the types of survey questions. Questions in the questionnaire is divided into:

Due to the form and type of response (technical criterion): open-ended questions, closed questions.

Due to the objective questions (to test questions): introducing, for an opinion, on the facts, for knowledge, a source of information, about the motives, for suggestions; complementary.

Due to the function of questions (criterion function) for the test problems; metryczkowe; filter; exclusive; viewing; tricky and empty.

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